An internship at Mediaschneider AG


Hello. It is such a great honor to be writing to you. My name is Natasha Bwalya, I am a 22-year-old Media and Communications undergrad at the University of Zambia (in Zambia).

On the 5th of February this year I began my three-month long internship at Mediaschneider AG. And what a wonderful time it has been so far!

I should start off by saying that I am out of my element here because it’s the first time I´ve ever left my country. A lot of things are different from what I am used to; the weather right now is extremely cold (and snowing), the transport systems follow a very precise schedule, the cars drive on the left and not the right side of the road… Even little things are foreign to me, like saying “en guete” before meals.

But I received such a warm welcome from the Mediaschneider team that I don’t feel so out of place anymore. When I first arrived at the agency, I was introduced to every single member of the team one by one. Everyone was kind and friendly- and this warmness has extended throughout my stay. 

It is so amazing to me how open the team has been to answer all my many questions about the different parts of the agency, sometimes even setting up meetings with me to do so despite their busy schedules. They also often take the time to teach me how to perform different tasks.

In this regard, I must make mention of my two awesome mentors who take the lead role in making sure I get the most out of this internship as much as possible, Eliane Mueller and Stefanie Mayr.

Eliane was the first member of the team I was in contact with. On my first day, she took me for lunch at Sternen restaurant where I had my first delicious taste of Bratwurst. It was very fun and I discovered her great sense of humor and the many things we have in common.             

Later that day, I met Stefanie who is always bursting with energy and joy and very often gives me a reason to laugh about something. They have both been very supportive, kind and challenge me to take on different tasks.

That very spirit seems to resonate with everyone else. I have observed a very strong work ethic fused with a warmness towards each other that makes Mediaschneider feel like a family of its own.

Each part of this family is treated with a refreshing amount of consideration and politeness. I expected to be quite invisible before I came here but instead many have gone out of their way to integrate me into the team. For instance, choosing to speak English when I’m around because I can only speak a few words of German. I am exceedingly grateful for such kind gestures.

 My overall impression is that everyone is very good at their jobs and put a lot of effort into what they do. Each department bears equal importance to the others and there’s a continuous flow of knowledge as people often learn new skills by shadowing members from different departments. This makes all parts of the agency run efficiently and harmoniously.

This harmony is aided by the weekly meetings that everyone is required to attend. Here, general information is shared such as the progress of certain projects, accomplishments, and challenges if any.

During these meetings, everyone is allowed to share something or raise questions or concerns. I think that creates a transparent and free atmosphere as well as increase overall efficiency.

I have noticed people come to work earlier and leave later than the standard times, and choose to shorten their lunch breaks just to carry on with work. I´ve seen birthdays and departures to explore other jobs warmly celebrated, I have been invited to different activities (including a trip to Austria by Stefanie).

In addition, the atmosphere at Mediaschneider is constantly buzzing with innovation, creativity, energy and life. I can sense

In conclusion, I would like to take with back home with me all the good things

   Von Natasha Bwalya