DAR-VIDA Case Study

All-round communication to accompany sampling.


Launched in 1937, DAR-VIDA has now been part of the product range of HUG AG, the family enterprise established in 1877, for over 50 years. While this totally new wholemeal snack was initially only available in selected health food stores, DAR-VIDA has now been synonymous with healthy Swiss snacks for decades and enjoys great popularity and a brand awareness of around 85% – and rising. This makes DAR-VIDA the absolute market leader in Switzerland in dry baked goods. The around two dozen flavours and types of DAR-VIDA were expanded in April 2017 true to the motto ‘break out the flavour’ to include the new wheat-free product range DAR-VIDA BReAK, which is currently available in three flavours: Natural, Chocolate and Cranberry & Apple.



DAR-VIDA wanted to use sampling at 16 highly frequented train stations in the German- and French-speaking part of Switzerland to generate awareness for its new product BReAK and its many varieties. Commuters should be given the opportunity to sample three different flavours at the stations – along the lines of break out the flavour of BReAK ...  

At the same time, media advertising should be used to reach more contacts, with the aim of generating greater reach and increasing awareness of BReAK.
Another challenge lay in approaching and acquiring potential buyers of BReAK at the right place and at the right time in a friendly manner. Being key to the campaign, the sampling should also be accompanied by attention-grabbing media.



In order to optimally address the target group of DAR-VIDA and highlight the sampling, a combination of online, DOOH (digital out-of-home), posters and print was used.

The aim was to draw the attention of this future category of BReAK consumers to the sampling on their way to the relevant train station by way of their mobile device. Before and after the sampling, a brand message for the new BReAK product was used to establish additional contacts in the relevant environment. Using geo-, timetable and Wi-Fi targeting, attention could be drawn to the sampling at the respective train station via SBB platforms, Facebook and 20min.ch around the stations.

Wherever possible, additional e-boards and e-panels were used on the day of the sampling to further optimise contact. To increase reach and contact opportunities, well-frequented poster sites were planned at the train stations during the sampling week. And to draw the attention of people outside major train stations to the sampling, an ad was placed in the free newspaper Blick am Abend on the day of the sampling in the cities Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne and St. Gallen.

A mega poster could also be placed for one month in Zurich Central Station and on the day of the sampling stocked with DAR-VIDA products to which commuters could help themselves – true to the motto ‘break out the flavour’. This promotion generated a great deal of interest and the DAR-VIDA BReAK samples were quickly snapped up. Even without the attached samples, the branding wall proved highly prominent and eye-catching in the stream of commuters at Zurich Central Station with the integration of two posters. For one day, the samples were thus accompanied by a high level of contact frequency through various channels and proved to be a complete success.


Added value

  • Media mix of online, DOOH (digital out-of-home), posters and print to reach as broad a sector of the population as possible
  • Attention-grabbing sampling campaign at 16 highly frequented train stations with several million commuters daily (around half a million commuters just at Zurich Central Station)
  • Advertising for the sampling around the respective train stations on SBB platforms, Facebook and 20min.ch; using geo-, timetable and Wi-Fi targeting
  • Striking mega poster at Zurich Central Station with ‘real’ DAR-VIDA BReAK products
  • Supported by advertising on e-boards and e-panels on the day of the sampling as well as in editions of the local free newspaper Blick am Abend                                                                   


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