Edelweiss Case Study

With SEA Performance approach 60% more sales in one year


With 71 dream destinations in 33 countries, Edelweiss is the leading Swiss holiday airline based at Zurich Airport. The sister company of Swiss International Air Lines employs over 1,100 people and achieved sales of CHF 537 million in 2017. It carried a total of 2.35 million passengers in 2018.

Whether an exotic island in the Seychelles, a picturesque port city in Greece or a captivating metropolis like Buenos Aires - every passenger will find the holiday destination of their dreams with Edelweiss. Since its foundation in 1995, it has been growing continuously, which is reflected not only in the turnover figures but also in the expansion of the fleet.


The goal of the performance approach is to generate the maximum revenue for a given media budget. In Search Engine Advertising (SEA), this is achieved by addressing people willing to buy in search engines such as Google or Bing. The willingness of potential customers to buy is shown above all in the way they formulate their search query. Of particular interest here are search queries that have a clear final focus within the buying funnel. This keyword segment must be continuously expanded. Potential customers are made aware of Edelweiss offers with attractive and informative advertising texts that refer to the respective keyword.


Hoy has chosen a finely granular campaign structure for the optimal control of advertising on the Google and Bing search engines. A tool developed by Hoy, the Hoy Campaign Generator, is used. The granularity can be seen, for example, in the consistent separation between brand keywords (e.g. "edelweiss flug phuket") and generic keywords (e.g. "flug phuket"). Within the generic area, the tool creates ad groups with semantically homogeneous keywords. In this way, tailor-made ad texts can be written with reference to the respective search query. Further building blocks for the granular creation of ad texts are, for example, the destination or the airfare.

Prices are dynamically adjusted.

The ad texts were supplemented with typical Edelweiss USPs such as direct flights ("non-stop to the dream destination"), the holiday airline ("the Swiss holiday airline") and Swissness ("Swiss service quality"). In the course of the campaign, a cleverly developed and continuously expanded keyword portfolio helps to maximize sales growth. By using various tools and techniques, the SEA specialists at Hoy determine which keywords promise the highest turnover.

In a next step, the Hoy Campaign Generator merges the collected keywords into a campaign and ad group structure. The individual keywords are then linked to the corresponding landing pages, so that users can click on the ads to go to the appropriate landing page. Sales-focused bid management, a qualified remarketing strategy, regular negative management and ad testing are further measures to maximise sales.

Added Value

The strategy and its operational implementation are paying off: In a year-on-year comparison 2017/2018, sales across all campaigns increased by a remarkable 60%. With its SEA know-how, Hoy was able to make a valuable contribution to achieving Edelweiss' sales targets.


  • Maximum turnover thanks to an effective SEA strategy.
  • Sales in 2018 increased by 60% compared to 2017.
  • Granularity enables detailed destination reporting: Each Edelweiss destination can be assessed in terms of its SEA performance according to various KPIs. In this way, Hoy offers the customer maximum transparency and valuable insights.
  • Integrated marketing through coordinated measures across all relevant channels (print, online display and SEA).


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