Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) Case Study

"Suit up and win " – a condom as a lottery ticket


Being part of the Federal Department of Home Affairs, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is responsible for the health of the population. It develops the Swiss health policy and advocates a health care system that is efficient and affordable in the long term.

As part of this mission, the FOPH is taking a leading role in the management and control of the National Programme for HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections (NPHS). The main objective of the programme is to significantly reduce the number of new infections of HIV and other STIs and to avoid harmful long-term health effects.

The LOVE LIFE campaign is part of this National Programme which is supported by other partner organizations like the Swiss AIDS Federation and SEXUELLE GESUNDHEIT Schweiz. This cooperation is one of the strengths of the programme: specialists from different fields and with various skillsets are committed to the same objectives.

Mediaschneider AG supports the FOPH together with the communications agency ROD in matters relating to the advertising of the LOVE-LIFE campaign.


The campaign aims to motivate the population to actively protect themselves from infection with HIV and/or other sexually transmitted infections and to behave correctly after a risk situation or symptoms. Therefore, in line with the NPHS, it pursues three objectives: conscious awareness of the risk, behavioral adjustment and taking appropriate protective measures or rapid and appropriate treatment.


A unique competition was planned for 2018, which should provide happy moments and a topic for conversations. With the motto "Suit up and win", the condoms became lottery tickets for which there were only winners. With a bit of luck, you could win a prize - otherwise the condom you received would be used for successful/safe prevention.

The core of the campaign was the raffle: Participants could convert free condoms into raffle tickets. The individually packed condoms were distributed from the end of June 2018. Each condom was provided with a code that could be redeemed on the LOVE LIFE microsite. The clever message behind it: Whoever uses a condom wins one way or the other.

The task was to play out the campaign in two waves between the end of June and the end of October 2018. The aim was to refer people to the lovelife.ch website where they could take part in the competition. After completion, they were made aware of the safer sex check. If you answer a few questions, you will receive recommendations on your personal sexuality.

The challenge was on the one hand to draw attention to the general topic "prevention" and on the other hand to make the competition known. In addition, it was important that the various target groups could be optimally picked up and that traffic was generated on the landing page.


The target group of the campaign is the "sexually active population of Switzerland". In order to address them at relevant media touchpoints and by means of suitable subjects, the campaign was broken down into three media clusters and analysed. The following clusters were defined: "Men, 18 - 59 years", "Young, 18 - 29 years" and "Latitude, 18+ years". The budget focus was on the broad target group. This target group distribution was used to address the various population groups with their different interests and user behavior as well as the media and subjects suitable for them.

Based on the media strategy, the focus was placed on OOH/DOOH and online.

  • Posters were used to achieve rapid coverage throughout Switzerland. The public was also made aware of the topic.
  • With DOOH, a presence was created at highly frequented traffic junctions (railway stations) and squares in addition to classic posters in order to extend the campaign's reach.
  • Online was the ideal medium for the competition to attract traffic to lovelife.ch. Ultimately, this should lead to competition participation and safer sex checks. Learnings from past campaigns and new ideas were used as a basis for the selection of sites and channels.
  • In the second wave, winners of the competition were portrayed and their stories shared via print and social media in order to increase awareness of the competition.
  • In addition, the competition was pushed with Passenger- and GasstationTV.

The touchpoints of the media varied according to the target group. For example, with specific subjects for MSM (men who have sex with men) in the target group "Men, 18 - 59 years" or platforms such as Snapchat or Izzy Magazine with a strong affinity for the target group "Young, 18 - 29 years". Thus, the broad target group "Switzerland's sexually active population" was broken down to such an extent that it was possible to address the various needs and benefits of every age.

Various special implementations have supported the reach in the various age clusters:

  • Samplings at music festivals, which were accompanied by an aymo live targeting on and around the festival area.
  • In cooperation with Izzy Magazine, native content (video) was realized on Instagram to generate brand attention.
  • Sampling and video ad on Screen at Energy Air in Bern.
  • The winning codes were also included on the Migros Cosano condoms.

Added Value

  • Qualitatively high traffic on lovelife.ch thanks to the advertising to an affine target audience combined with a user-oriented approach.
  • Development of surprising and innovative multimedia solutions with which the relevant target audience was specifically addressed.
  • Timely targeting - not only by socio-demographic address, but also by interests and the use of the respective age groups.


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