Wingo Case Study

A ‘slow job’ with a rapid response.


The 100% online brand Wingo was launched by Swisscom in 2015. It offers a mostly urban and digital target group top performance at a top price. The company started out with Wingo Internet, an Internet offering whose high performance makes it perfect for Internet users wanting to combine Internet access with other online services such as Web TV, streaming or file sharing. Internet access is provided exclusively via the network of Swisscom and its partners. One of Wingo’s USPs is always be simple and transparent. Wingo users only get what they really need – no more, no less.


Since 7 November 2016, Wingo has also been offering Wingo Mobile, a mobile offering true to the motto ‘mobile without bullshit’. Wingo Mobile is perfect for all those who know exactly what they want. Namely, high-speed mobile Internet and unlimited surfing and calls at an unbeatable price and without hidden costs. The aim of the Wingo campaign was to raise awareness for the new Wingo Mobile subscription – for the media budget for phase two was severely limited following the large-scale Wingo Mobile launch campaign in November 2016. Due to the limited budget and to avoid wasted coverage, the target group and potential customers had to be addressed directly. This called for a strong idea that would generate as much attention as possible with little expenditure. An idea that would appeal to Wingo’s core target group – open-minded, price-sensitive men aged between 26 and 45. For 75% of Wingo subscriptions had so far been taken out by men.



78% of men worldwide regularly consume pornography online and visit porn sites. So why not advertise the Wingo Mobile subscription in a high-affinity environment?! Porn sites offer huge potential – sites like and for example generate billions of ad impressions every day. Switzerland alone offers a potential 22.3 million ad impressions per day. It therefore made sense to place the Wingo banner wherever high-speed Internet (mobile and desktop) is required: on porn sites.

Wingo was looking to launch an appropriate campaign to address the target group directly while at the same time trying something completely new. The aim was to achieve as big an impact as possible with the given media budget – these sites were therefore also chosen due to their inexpensive CPMs and available reach. 99% of the advertising on porn sites has some sort of pornographic reference or content. We used this to our advantage and created a corresponding campaign.

The campaign was a resounding success and significantly increased awareness of the Wingo brand – also due to the PR articles published in 20 Minuten and Blick. Over 120 reader comments were posted on the report on – the majority of which were positive. Three comments were posted on the report on; these were more neutral on the topic. The feedback received on social media platforms, on the other hand, was only positive. The PR articles published in 20 Minuten and Blick also had a greater impact on organic website traffic than the premiere of the Wingo TV commercial with Mike Shiva on 02.01.2017. All in all, the courage to take risks more than paid off and the surprisingly positive response to Wingo’s porn campaign clearly shows that advertising can easily be more daring to ensure it remains on everyone’s lips.

Best of Swiss Web Case


Added value

  • Over 7.5 million ad impressions at an economic CPM of CHF 0.71
  • Almost 5,000 clicks
  • Media spending on the porn campaign was just 5% of the amount spent on the launch campaign in November 2016
  • 22% more ad impressions were generated than for the launch campaign (running time comparison approx. 1 week)
  • The campaign’s CPM dropped by 96%
  • The biggest Swiss media companies reported on the campaign, thus generating huge reach



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