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Tools influence the way we work. Which is why we make sure they are tailor made.

TV and radio
Instar Analytics

TV market analyses and evaluations

Media Reporter Radio

Radio market analyses and evaluations


Booking TV advertising time for TV campaigns


Forecasting, planning, optimising and reporting TV campaigns


Planning and evaluating advertising data


Online booking and management tool

MACH Basic

Newspaper/magazine user distribution study

MACH Consumer

MACH Consumer is the biggest consumer media study in Switzerland, identifying the needs, preferences and habits of Swiss consumers. Media values and social demographics are taken from MACH Basic.

MACH Radar

The MACH Radar study builds methodically on the studies MACH Basic and MACH Consumer by linking Radar psychographics with MACH Consumer. The focus of the MACH Radar study is on product or brand placement on the basis of consumer values. The study enables products, brands and shopping channels, etc., to be visibly placed and provides information on the values of existing and potential product users.

MA Leader

Consumer behaviour and media usage of managers

MA Strategy

Intermedia study analysing media groups


Distribution data of around 700 Swiss press titles


Online information tool of the Association of Swiss Advertising Companies (VSW) with the database of the Swiss press


Electronic access to WEMF AG data and studies analysing target groups and calculating print performance indicators

Total Audience 1.3

Intermedia study analysing the combined coverage of print and the relevant Web offering

Online and digital
Beta testing

Thanks to our good relations with Google, Facebook and technology providers, we are always able to use the latest products or technologies in beta testing phases.

Cookie tracking

Examining coverage development and target group match with the biggest Swiss Household Panel.

Customised targeting

The possibilities for targeting, especially in digital advertising, are manifold. But what is the quality of the data like? In short: rather mediocre. Often, the likelihood of third-party data actually hitting the intended target is only slightly better than leaving it up to chance. Sometimes even less. That’s why Mediaschneider has adopted its own approaches.

Data warehouse

Certain procedures are repetitive and require neither expert creativity nor intuition. One such procedure is the consolidation of data from various sources. Thanks to our in-house data warehouse, however, such procedures are automated.

DoubleClick Bid Manager

The DSP we use offers access to high-quality inventory as well as the necessary real-time data for all devices and formats in order to make the right purchasing decisions. The most powerful DSP manager currently on the market.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

The world’s most reliable ad server simplifies campaign execution – from media planning to reporting. Thanks to the consolidation of all forms of digital advertising on a powerful platform, we are able to optimise your campaigns faster and better.

DoubleClick Creative Solutions

We offer creative agencies a platform for efficiently handling advertising media, giving our partners everything they need to create and manage compelling digital ads – from user-defined videos to mobile plug and play.

DoubleClick Search

With brand-new data and proprietary bid optimisation, we are able to create key benefits for your SEA campaigns.

Facebook Atlas

Cross-device measurement of media coverage and target group match of digital campaigns based on 3.4 million Facebook profiles

Multichannel tracking

Multichannel tracking is the ultimate when it comes to campaign tracking. Using modelling and dynamic attribution models, we measure the impact of various media in the communication mix – objectively, with comparative attributions and across all devices. We differentiate between light, medium and advanced models.


NET-Metrix is the independent Swiss authority for Internet usage research


Proprietary development for online planning

Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying is the future of media buying. And not just for online advertising. This has been an area of focus for Mediaschneider since 2011. In house and from the ground up.

Screen planning

TV is history – long live moving image advertising. Greater performance and a more consistent approach to addressing the target groups is achieved with the same budget through the synergistic use of moving image TV and online/mobile.


Zulu5 documents the distribution of advertisements in dubious environments using a crawler-based approach including screenshots and HTML code.

Cinema and outdoor
MACH Cinema

Cinema-goer behaviour of the representative resident population


The Swiss Association for Cinema and Film Distribution; cinema statistics throughout Switzerland

SPR+ Expert

Multi-provider planning and analysis tool

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